Tessellation Art is the home of my mathematically inspired digital artwork. It is divided into sections. You can navigate to them from the main menu.


1. Shop

Buy my prints and canvases right here online. This is where the end result of my design process lives. All artwork is available in small, medium and large sizes on cotton canvas or framed / unframed archival quality paper.

2. Blog

Explore my step-by-step design process, articles and events. I record my latest developments here, including artwork, animation, articles, exhibitions and step-by-step guides. You can explore my blog by category in the sidebar from any page.

3. What is Tessellation?

Play my videos and find out. Following a visit to M. C. Escher's first ever UK exhibition, I made some educational videos to explain what tessellation is and to enable help to make their own. I have also created downloadable worksheets and templates for you to use at home or at school.

4. Pics

Browse my interactive photo gallery. Here you can find photographs of all things Tessellation Art related. Simply browse the gallery, or click on a photo to find out more.

5. Bio

Discover how Tessellation Art came to be. Follow my love of geometry from primary school to Tessellation Art.

6. FAQ

Answers to your frequently asked question. This includes details on artwork specification and shipping.

7. About

This is where you are now! If you have any further questions please contact me at tessellationart@gmail.com

8. Contact

If you have any further questions please contact me at tessellationart@gmail.com

Happy Tessellating!

Chris :)

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