Vinohradský Pivovar Exhibition

Tessellation Art is holding its latest exhibition at Vinohradský Pivovar, Prague, Czechia, until February 2018. The exhibition displays Tessellation Art’s full artwork collection. Vinohradský Pivovar’s event suite Tessellation Art’s current exhibition is the first of its kind for Vinohradský Pivovar. Their recently refurbished event suite is part of  Vinohradský Pivovar’s ongoing project to support local art and […]


Lightbox is Tessellation Art’s first artistic installation. It is a four-layered backlit unit which can display any of the artworks in my collection. I designed and developed it over the course a year and it is available to buy online. Please message me here with any enquiries. Lightbox (4 layers) Lightbox splits artwork into four […]

Animal Heads Artwork Range

The Animal Heads artwork range is comprised of six pieces. They feature images of different woodland animals’ heads, including Stag, Wolf, Fox, Badger, Owl and Mouse. Look closely and you’ll see that each image is made of tiny interlocking versions of itself! Owl Head and Mouse Head (Vinohradsky Pivovar, Prague, Czechia) Animal Heads uses Tessellation […]


Happy birthday Maurits Cornelis Escher! This M C Escher portrait tessellation has been specially designed by Tessellation Art for his birthday on June 17th. The portrait was created using Tessellation Art’s pioneering mosaic technique, which has most recently been applied to the Skater Series. As with traditional square mosaics, each tile is a different colour. By taking a […]


Skull Series The Skull Series is Tessellation Art’s new release: a new triptych digital artwork composition inspired by M. C. Escher’s work in tessellation and infinity. An accompanying behind-the-scenes video gives an animated time-lapse overview of the entire design and development process in just 3 minutes. A tessellating skull pattern is wrapped around a human skull. […]

MODERN DAY MOSAIC by Tessellation Art

Exhibition Opening Party Tessellation Art is proud to present the ‘Modern Day Mosaic’ Exhibition Opening Party on Saturday 16th April 2016. The event will take place in the capital of Czech Republic, Prague: TA’s current home. The month long exhibition will display ten new pieces of artwork which have been developed since TA’s first show, almost […]


2016 has got off to a busy start at Tessellation Art! Returning fresh with inspiration from a sunny New Zealand, TA has turned its focus to this year’s summer wear! 1. Concept The Vortex artwork range has generated the most interest from Tessellation Art fans. So, I decided to adapt the tessellation to make a printed T-shirt. The concept is […]


With the festive season ‘a-ring-a-ling-a-ling-a-ding-dong-ding-ing’ upon us, I felt it would only be right to tessellate some Christmas Cards! Fortunately for me, the outline of a christmas trees has a similar number of concave and convex surfaces. This makes it perfect for tessellation! After creating the tessellation, I applied some effects to pattern. I used the […]


Using the mosaic technique developed for Skater Boy, I am in the process of developing a ‘Personalised Tessellations’ series for customers. The idea has 3 simple steps. 1. Choose Category I’ll design tessellating motifs for a range of categories. For example, new baby, travel, selfie, friendship etc… 2. Send Photo The customer sends in a photo of the background […]


With TA’s next exhibition emerging on the not so distant horizon, I’ve been investigating some new territory… animation. Having recently completed two educational videos in the Resources section of this blog, I’ve found myself envisaging all sorts of animation possibilities. 1. Animation Inspired by the Metamorphosis range, I’ve used animation to literally bring the picture […]