Chris Watson

01.01.22 THE STORY SO FAR...

Tessellation Art has been in a deep metamorphic state for the last few years. Having immigrated from Europe to Oceania, it is now based in Melbourne, Australia. I have been busy collating my tessellations, artwork, and resources, so that they can be available to everyone around the world. Alongside my artwork, there is an art and design blog, over a hundred new products, and a free tessellation book. All of this, and more, can now be found on this new website!

Tessellation Art started its humble journey in Indonesia back in 2011, when I first discovered the fascinating tessellations of M C Escher. After studying his work and producing some of my own designs, I licensed a couple of tessellations to an interior design company, in London.

Tessellation Art, however, was only passing through, and on its way to Prague, Czech Republic. This is where Tessellation Art really started to gain momentum. I developed over twenty digital artworks, held exhibitions, ran workshops and took part in design markets. The creation of Tessellation Art’s layered light installation, prompted an invitation to exhibit at Czech Design Week. I found many people hadn’t heard of tessellation, so I created the video “What is Tessellation” which reached the front page of Reddit and has now amassed over half a million views on YouTube.

Extra curricular overseas excursions included M C Escher’s first UK exhibition, as well as a trip to Finland for the Bridges Mathematical Art conference. Whilst focussing heavily on face-to-face interactions, I also learnt web design and created an independent online platform for Tessellation Art.

During my 5th and final year in Prague, I started to burn out. Little did I know this was the beginning of a life-changing metamorphosis, from which Tessellation Art, 5 years later, is now emerging – more focussed, and more composed than ever before!

Melbourne endured 262 days of lockdown during the coronavirus epidemic, whilst I, personally, came to terms with a lifetime of undiagnosed ADHD and Autism. It is fair to say that this was indeed the toughest period of my life. It was compounded further by an incorrect medication which saw me lose almost all of my energy, drive and positivity. I vowed to use everything I had left to get off the meds and to focus on building Tessellation Art into the best version of itself it could be. I succeeded in both.

Following the success of “What is Tessellation?”, I used my time in Melbourne to write Tessellation Art’s first book, “The Little Book of Tessellation: Beginner’s Edition”. I went on to make over 100 new print-on-demand products, in clothing, homeware, accessories and artwork categories, using tessellations from my growing collection in three new colour palettes: Ibiza, Mono and Neon Gum.

I’ve updated Tessellation Art’s website to best share my work with you. I plan to keep Tessellation Art at the forefront of my focus and hope there will be many exciting and new creations to share with you in the future!

I am writing this message to you all, to let you know that my true passion, Tessellation Art, is back. And it’s better than ever. I hope it brings positivity to your life in some way. If you find some here, please feel free to consider yourself a TZL8R!

Keep on tessellating!


Chris Watson