With TA’s next exhibition emerging on the not so distant horizon, I’ve been investigating some new territory… animation.

Having recently completed two educational videos in the Resources section of this blog, I’ve found myself envisaging all sorts of animation possibilities.

1. Animation

Inspired by the Metamorphosis range, I’ve used animation to literally bring the picture to life. In this, my first animated GIF, a grid of squares turns into a tessellating bird pattern.

square to bird animation
square to bird animation

All tessellating tiles have 3, 4, 5 or 6 key points. If these points are joined with straight lines, you are left with a grid of triangles, squares, pentagons or hexagons. What animation allows you to do, is to bring this geometric grid to life as it transforms into a pattern of recognisable motifs. Therefore, by using the same process, I can now create a similar animation for any tessellating shape.

This is a simple example of how animation can be used. Variation in colour, line thickness, detail, transition and even a third dimension can be incorporated. The only real limit is creativity – and in the case of the exhibition – time!

2. Animation + Music

From the experience of my previous exhibitions, the opening night is the source of most satisfaction. Or in other words, a great excuse for a party! Last year, the live bands and artists gave the night a great vibe. This year I’m hoping to build on that.

By digitally linking animations with live audio output from instruments and vocals – I’m hoping to sync projected animations with the live music.

I’ve yet to look into this in sufficient depth to realistically assess its feasibility. The progress made in the couple of days with the animation alone, however, is a very encouraging sign.

The exhibition is booked here in Prague for the month of April. I’ll keep you all updated with the preparation, of course!

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Happy tessellating!



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