Lightbox is Tessellation Art’s first artistic installation. It is a four-layered backlit unit which can display any of the artworks in my collection. I designed and developed it over the course a year and it is available to buy online. Please message me here with any enquiries.

Lightbox (4 layers) Lightbox (4 layers)

Lightbox splits artwork into four colour channels. Each channel is printed on a separate sheet of clear plexiglass. The plexiglass is backlit and mounted on a translucent white base. When the art installation is viewed from the side, each sheet glows a different colour.

Lightbox (edge)
Lightbox (edge)

When the art is viewed straight on, the four colour channels merge to make a full colour image. The intensity of the Lightbox’s glow can be manually controlled by the user. ‘Lightbox’ can be used to display any piece of artwork in my collection.

Me and my Lightbox Me and my Lightbox

For more information about Lightbox, please message me here.

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