1. From Patterns… To Art!

Prior to the mosaic art technique, (when I first started using tessellations in pieces of art), I would simply repeat the pattern and choose a colour scheme. As I considered setting up an online art shop, I felt like I wanted to do more than that. So, by taking basic tessellating patterns and adding a new dimension, I developed them into compositions. The two finished ranges that demonstrate this are Vortex and Metamorphosis.

vortex_storm_canvas_front ms_fish_canvas_frontAs mentioned on the About this blog page, there are also some compositions I haven’t finished yet. I’ll be picking up the latest one where I left off. But first, let me update you on where I’m at with it…

2. The Mosaic Concept

The idea of a mosaic composition started with this wolf tessellation.

wolf canvaswolf canvas zoom

In the same way a flat surface can be covered in square tiles, it can also be covered in wolf-shaped ones. By using a different colour for each tile, an image can be depicted in the mosaic. I tested the theory with a background image of a wolf, using large tiles to save time.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 15.18.13

The idea worked from a functional point of view, so I tested it with some other wolf background images. I felt that the end result lacked impact, so decided to use a more dynamic subject matter.

3. Dynamic Development

I originally designed this skateboarder as a pattern for skate shoes. Now it was time to turn it into some art!

skater canvasskater tess orig

I selected a background image and experimented with different tile sizes.

skater-pushmosaic and squares mosaic zoom

Once I was happy with the balance between tile size and overall effect, I tested out some different background images.


Finally I draft-printed the chosen design at 1:1 for review.


4. The Skate of Play

On closer inspection, there were still a couple of unresolved issues. Firstly, the outline of each tile was transparent, which meant you could see the image beneath. In some areas, especially on the skater’s shirt, this created a dotted-line effect.


Secondly, some areas of the picture had such a small variation in colour, most noticeably the background, that the tiles didn’t show up at all!


Due to these issues, the skater mosaic was not released. But, with the online shop up and running, finishing the skater mosaic is top of my list!

Please feel free to comment on this post, or any live development work, as your feedback will be used in the ongoing design process. The final result will be available to buy on the online shop in the near future!


Keep your eyes peeled for live design updates over the coming weeks!

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Thanks for reading!


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