Using the mosaic technique developed for Skater Boy, I am in the process of developing a ‘Personalised Tessellations’ series for customers.

The idea has 3 simple steps.

1. Choose Category

I’ll design tessellating motifs for a range of categories. For example, new baby, travel, selfie, friendship etc…

'New baby' motif.
‘New baby’ motif.

2. Send Photo

The customer sends in a photo of the background image they would like (low resolution is fine!)

Customer's 'new baby' photo.
Customer’s ‘new baby’ photo.

3. Personalised tessellations!

I tessellate the customer’s photo with the associated motif.

Personalised 'new baby' tessellation.

I intend to make the canvases at about 80 x 60cm, so that each motif will be approximately 3cm across. The scaling of the photo and the motif is a subtle balance. Screw your eyes up to see the photo jump out, or take a closer look to reveal a pattern of tiny interlocking motifs.

Close up: Personalised 'new baby' mosaic.
Close up: Personalised ‘new baby’ mosaic.

I’m currently working on some different categories to check the feasibility of the new ‘Personalised Tessellations’ series.

As always your thoughts and comments are welcome as I continue to develop new ideas. If there are any categories you are interested in – just let me know!

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Happy tessellating!


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