2016 has got off to a busy start at Tessellation Art! Returning fresh with inspiration from a sunny New Zealand, TA has turned its focus to this year’s summer wear!

1. Concept

The Vortex artwork range has generated the most interest from Tessellation Art fans. So, I decided to adapt the tessellation to make a printed T-shirt. The concept is to create the illusion of the birds flying from the back of the T-shirt, through the middle and out of the front.

Left: Vortex birds outwards. Right: Vortex birds inwards.
Left: Vortex birds outwards. Right: Vortex birds inwards.

The original design is used on the front of the T-shirt (with the birds flying outwards). By reversing the direction of the birds, I created a back print with them flying inwards.

2. Design

I used the spiralling nature of the design to accentuate the ‘Vortex’. I experimented by highlighting different numbers of spirals.

From left to right: Vortex single spiral, Vortex double spiral, Vortex triple spiral.
From left to right: Vortex single spiral, Vortex double spiral, Vortex triple spiral.

I selected the single spiral design, as I felt it maintained a simplicity to the aesthetic.

3. Colouring

I tried the single spiral in different colours.

Vortex: Single colour schemes.
Vortex: Single colour schemes.

Then applied additional colours for the spiralling birds.

Vortex: 2 colour schemes.
Vortex: 2 colour schemes.

And also looked at using coloured outlines for the design (click on image for better resolution).

Vortex: Outline colour schemes.
Vortex: Outline colour schemes.

I selected the coloured outline scheme, as I felt it complimented the simplicity of the single spiral of birds.

4. Final Design

Using social media to gauge interest, I chose the following designs for the first prototypes. On the boys T-shirt, the birds on the back start at the top and continue their spiral on the front – and vice versa for the girls.

Boys' Vortex T-shirt
Boys Vortex T-shirt.
Girls' Vortex T-shirt.
Girls Vortex T-shirt.

5. Tessellation T-shirt Prototype

My order finally arrived today – here are some photos of the first ever Tessellation Art T-Shirt!

T-shirt front print

T-Shirt-Front-Angle | TESSELLATION ART





With the first prototype successfully complete, I’m now going to look into producing the women’s T-shirt.

Polo shirts, hoodies and vests are also on the list. As always, your feedback is much appreciated and always considered to help TA define its future direction!

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Happy Tessellating!


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