The Little Book of Tessellation: Beginner's Edition


Dearest TZL8Rz,

The Little Book of Tessellation: Beginner’s Edition has landed! It’s a free and printable, activity-based resource for understanding the basic principles of tessellating patterns… and creating your own!

“What is Tessellation?”, my YouTube video, has proved to be a useful educational resource tool. So I wanted to build on this and provide a more complete resource for beginners.

The Little Book of Tessellation: Beginner’s Edition provides a clear introduction to tessellation and gives you the chance to copy and create your own tessellations using the basic principles.

It has been written for teachers, students, hobbyists and those with special interests to enjoy. It is simply structured and supplemented with images, activities, examples and explanations.

I would like to ask you, most humbly, for you not to share this .pdf file – but to encourage others of interest, to get their own personal and free copy directly from my website. I am fully invested in Tessellation Art and would like to grow its following and support so that I can continue to explore the beauty of mathematical art and share the results with you in the future!

Keep on tessellating,


Chris Watson

Yes, please - send me a copy now!

l am driven by the irresistable pleasure l feel in repeating the same figures over and over

– M.C. Escher –